Top 8 Aussie Slang You Should Be Familiar With

Top 8 Aussie Slang You Should Be Familiar With

It’s fun to listen to Australians speaking because they have slang words and phrases that are unique to them. That is why for non-natives, it is very important to be familiar even with the most basic slang terms that you might come across during your visit to Australia. To help you get started, here are the top eight Aussie slang words and phrases to learn.


If you have listened to an Australian talk, you will realize that they love to shorten their words. They like to say a word faster, like “arvo,” which is short for “afternoon.” There’s no real explanation for this Australian slang but just that the locals tend to shorten long words.


In Australia, “barbie” is not the beloved doll. Instead, this is short for “barbeque.” Australians do not only tend to shorten their words, they also like adding suffixes, in this case, -ie. The locals love grilling and they often invite friends and families over for a good barbeque party. When a local invites you for a “barbie,” you now know what that means.

Australian slang


This is another frequently used word in Australia. It’s a slang used for “policeman” or a law enforcement officer. So when in Australia and you are looking for the nearest police station, ask for directions of where you can find a “coppa.”


Australians love football. If you want to befriend an Australian, talk about football or “footy.” Australians are passionate about the sport and they can go for hours talking about it. So if you want to start a conversation with an Australian, talk about footy.


Australians love beer and this is a fun Australian slang word for ir. “Frothy” is the foam or froth that you can get in beers. Beer is so popular anywhere in Australia that they have different slang words for it. Some call it “stubbie,” “slab,” or “a cold one.”



You would not know what this is if it’s not explained to you. Macca’s is just the short word of Aussies for “McDonald’s” restaurant. This is another good example of how Australians love to shorten their words. So if you want to eat fast food, don’t say McDonald’s, instead, ask where Macca’s is.


Nobody says “gas stations” in Australia. Instead, they call these ‘service stations’ which is why locals call these “servos.” Another abbreviation that Australians use when talking about petrol stations.


This word is often used when you want to get something. But in Australia, “snag” means sausage. Others also call it “snagger” or “snarler.” Australians love to host parties. So when someone invites you over for a “snag” and “a cold one,” don’t be afraid to say yes to this hospitality.

These are just some of the many Aussie slang that you should be familiar with. Before visiting Australia, take the time to learn a little bit more about slang words and phrases that you might come across with.