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International vs Regular Schools: 5 Major Differences to Consider

International schools have gained widespread popularity through the years. Many parents believe that these schools will be able to provide their children with the best education. Suppose you have school-age children and want to enroll them in an international school. In that case, it is best to acknowledge the difference between regular school education and a student’s overall experience.

Difference in Curriculum

The major difference between an international school and a regular one still comes down to its curriculum. Public schools ensure that they adhere to a national curriculum. And the curriculum often differs for each country. That is why if the family moves to another country, the student might have a challenging admission to programs at the new school.

On the other hand, the curriculum of hk international schools is often recognized all across the globe. Even though they differ from one school to another, they follow the national curriculum of specific countries. Most of the time, the curriculum at international schools is based on global educational frameworks.

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Language That Students Learn and Use

Another difference that sets an international school apart from a regular school is the language that students can learn and use. Regular schools often allow their students to use their native language.

But in an international school, students can learn different languages from all across the globe. Not only from the other students they come across, but international schools often foster inclusivity wherein they language enrichment subjects. This is a great way for your student to expand their language skills.

Diverse Teaching Staff

Many national schools hire teachers from the local area to teach in the native language. There is nothing wrong with that since there are plenty of qualified teachers locally. However, this may be considered a limitation for parents who are seeking a more well-rounded, global learning community atmosphere for their children.

Educators from international schools are often sourced locally and from different countries. Having teachers who travel worldwide will give students the chance to learn from well-rounded professionals. These teachers have valuable experiences to enhance their teaching techniques.

International Study/Work Opportunities

Students who are graduates of international schools have better opportunities to study and work overseas. That is because the international schools’ curriculum and degrees are acknowledged by the best colleges from all across the globe.

Regular or national school education may vary by country. That means students who graduate from regular schools or universities may be required to comply with additional qualifications to study or work overseas.

International School vs. Regular School: Which is Best for Your Kids?

There are pros and cons to sending kids to regular and international schools. Many parents are seeking an international-level education for their children. But others find national schools teaching quality enough for what their kids need. So take the time to look into what each option can offer about the education of your children. Always remember that quality education can help pave the way for success.